Elisabeth Fischer

Head of Good Growth Plan Value Chain Solutions

Elisabeth Fischer is the Head of Good Growth Plan Value Chain Solutions, for Swiss-based Syngenta AG. She develops and manages strategic collaborations with Value Chain companies to address sustainable sourcing risks through digital technologies and whole farm agronomic solutions.

Her leadership is driven by a strong belief that agricultural innovation is fundamental to reaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. She is the architect behind the data analytics and transparency of The Good Growth Plan, Syngenta’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, launched in 2013. To accelerate impact and empower farmers, she created the agribusiness industry’s first open data platform www.data.syngenta.com.

Elisabeth has a MA in Economics and a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. Her focus on smallholder markets in developing countries led to award-winning academic research before joining Syngenta in 2012. She grew up in Berlin, Germany, and – after working for Syngenta in North Carolina, USA – is currently enjoying life in Zurich, Switzerland.

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