Katy Briggs

Global Service Area Leader for DNV GL Renewables Advisory

Katy Briggs is the Global Service Area Leader for Renewable Advisory Services at DNV GL. Along with her colleagues at DNV GL, she works to have a global impact for a safe and sustainable future. She is particularly focused on helping customers deploy, optimize and invest in renewable energy.

Katy Briggs has 14 years of technical experience, including 11 years in the renewable energy industry. In her current role, she focuses on strategy, innovation, and the digitalization of DNV GL’s global renewables advisory services. Previously, Ms. Briggs led DNV GL’s wind energy Asset Optimization group in North America, which focuses on wind energy performance analysis, turbine availability, reliability, cost modeling, cost benchmarking, and operations strategy assessment. She has a B.S. and Master’s degree in Physics.

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