Rong Fang

Chief economist of SNPTC

Ms. Rong Fang, born in 1963, is the Chief economist of SNPTC. She obtained a Bachelor Degree in architecture and structure from Southeast University and MBA Degree from Harbin Institute of Technology. Since July 1985, she successively served as Vice President of The Fifth Research & Design Institute of Nuclear Industry, Deputy Director of Planning Department of CNNC, President of China Nuclear Machinery Import and Export Institute , Director of Nuclear Industry Exploration & Design, Vice President of CPI Nuclear Power, Vice Chairman of Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Company, Vice President of Department of Planning & Development, Department of International Cooperation of SNPTC&Chairman of SNPEMC. In 2016, she was appointed as Chief Economist of SNPTC , and the executive in charge & Professional Advisor of the State Nuclear Uranium Resource Development Company (SNURDC). She was also selected as one of the expert members of SPIC Committee of Experts since September, 2018.

Ms. Rong Fang acted as Executive Secretary of Women in Nuclear (WiN) China branch since November 2013, actively promoting women’s participation in nuclear industry. She was awarded “WiN Award 2017” and became the first person from China mainland to receive the award.

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