Lucy Craig

Vice President and Director of Technology and Innovation at DNV GL Energy

Lucy Craig is Vice President and Director of Technology and Innovation at DNV GL Energy. With a PhD in electrical engineering, she has 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry. In the early days of commercialisation of wind energy, Dr Craig worked for one of the first wind turbine manufacturers in the UK, before joining renewable energy consultancy Garrad Hassan and Partners, now part of DNV GL. Lucy established Garrad Hassan and Partners’ offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, and was Regional Manager for Iberia and Latin America before moving to her current role. DNV GL’s vision is “Global impact for a safe and sustainable future” and this vision is her main motivation at work.

As Director of Technology and Innovation, her focus is on the innovation of advisory services across the energy value chain, from renewable generation, integration in the power network, transmission and distribution and final energy use. The energy transition is being driven by the huge reduction in costs of wind and solar generation, with rapid technology development supporting increasing efficiency and vast improvements in power plant performance. Lucy has worked as technical advisor to the industry through its early development and as it has reached maturity, witnessing the dramatic change in the energy mix which has occurred over the past 3 decades, bringing clean and affordable energy within reach of many more consumers while reducing the impact of climate change.

As predicted in DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook, published in 2017 and 2018, that transition will continue to occur over the next 30 years, with continued investment in technology, better use of data and connection between systems enabling renewable energy plant to become the major generator of electricity, and also driving increasing electrification of the energy sector.

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